So yes, this is officially the beginning of our “route”. It all ready started months ago, but the initial date is not written because it was all the time in our minds but never yet!.

This will we our moment together, the whole family, Marcel our first-born 3.5 years, Nina 20 months husband and I. We have a plan, take a long trip to visit family and friends everywhere. The plan is changing every day with new frontiers to explore, new routes to find and good old friends to crash over. We have started already, the start point is Versailles with Thien’s Mom, then…Ill keep posting…as soon as I can!

We have Instagram (@thienzai and @helloans) for the moment in between the blog and Instagram ( @laroutedoan) we are going to be posting all we see throng our kid’s eyes, because yes, this is the trip of their life!

Thien, is the planner, the business, the friendliest person ever he is the motor of our lives he will be changing everything every day, but certainly for a good reason to enjoy life as It comes…

Marcel loves to takes photos, and goof around with sister Nina.

Nina is quite an adventurous, she loves to be the star so she will model plenty!!

And so…this is us. A family “les doan’s en route” 2015-?