We change  plans after some last minutes changes in the route. why not Lyon, it was already on the way.  So we stopped in Lyon Presqu’Île and its old city.

Our stop included the Mur de Canuts. Marcel and Nina found themself fooling around in the walls just decribing what where looking we found, kids, flowers , dancing people, bikes and a lot of more things. we continued towards findind food. Descending from Lyon up top, we found a lot of graffiti and explaining Marcel that there are really people that can paint on walls ( since he is not alow  :P) was kind of funny. We ate the famous croc  ( explanation) at a place call croc and roll, dont look at the bathroom ceiling it has a girl in a bike …jejeje. Nice eat, we hwhere ready to go on.

A couple of hours in Lyon was not enought to walk troght its shallow streets and eat more than usual beacuse we heard Lyonnesse food is really good.

next stop…Annecy!