20 julio 2015

Route; Versailles- Dracy le Fort. Thien’s Godfather. Deroche family. Marie Cristine y Philipe. They live in this little town in the center west of France. With only some 1k people living there it looks like a town from the kids stories!

BIg houses with lots of stones and full of vineyards this region is famous for its vine. No kidding is one of the best regions for it.

The Dercohe’s a must do stop. They happened to figure in our wedding video (link here) so we decide to start here, why not??? Helene and Laure  just came to visit us in the DR and we happen to had a good time. In a big house with pool, we found paradise, the weather was almost 40 degrees everyday and the pool was te best answer. They have a beautiful house fill with details, pianos, books…and the kids room (yes the small one has 20 already) it was like not leaving home yet. Marie Cristine had the time to take us around and made us really goos food. Nina found true love with her, she even wanted her to carry her not me some times. Marcel found a battery t play and he was a king in it!

Thien told me he had a lot of good memories from the time he spender with his godfather when he was a kid, that made me thinks of the importance of a godfather in your life.

Marie Cristine took us to a little town very close to see some Goats, Marcel even had the chance to milked a goat he was amaze with the situation that we was in. And then the final result the cheese, and it was good!.

With Philipe we learned a lot a bout wines and the not so true things people say to sell, he even brought us to his vineyard he has a production limited but the bottles had the label with their name, that was cute!

We loved this little stop in our route, Marie Crsitine was amazing, Phillipe the best host ever and our stayed couldn’t have been better….Mercie les Deroche!