A big nice 51k population city. With a nice Palais de I’le builted in the XII.

This village was almost cancel on our route due to late moment cancellation of our hosts, but as our lives goes on we had learn that people can’t change our plans we change our plans! so what the heck…we where o our way already to visit this lake rounded village and so people says is the Swiss of France (blablabla). We had to find a last minute hotel on our way like a 9pm kid sleeping in the car and raining like crazy…finally after calling more than 10 hotels we found one really expensive to stay the night and finally call it off for the day.

The hotel was well located, in from of the Lake and te room was really small, but we manage to put Nina’s crib in and Marcel slept with us. Waking up as early as a rooster gave the kids some milk and “pain au chocolat” to manage a few more hours of sleep it was time to forget and enjoy…

On our way to the “Centre Ville” looking for a coffee and breakfast as the word saids FAST” we found some “pain au lardon” that where quite good and grab a coffee. With 2 kids in their chair we started to walk around loosing ourselves in this village…there is a river that runs in the city so the kids found gooses, ducks and some fish on the walk…even a turtle.

We came a cross to a kids park that was our time to take a break, this places I really love, why? is our only time seating without our kids paying attention to us, other than this rather moments we found in all of the cities we visit so far, is all about mom and dad. It is a pleasure to explain everything to your kids, in the sort of way that you have the power of knowledge to them but definitely it comes a moment when you just want to skip the explaining  all, and just sit and watch.

In this journey we thought it is important as they grow up to let them explore for themselves, some times we leave then walking together holding hands, talking to each other just to let them bond as bother and sister.

One of of goals is loose ourself in the road. A day in Annecy was ok, so we hit the road again, decide to explore the castles around and we came up to a hillside hostess house and ask to stay the night, it was full so we decide to pique nique there. Mountains all around, a small view from top of the lake…just amazing. Just the fact of eating in the grass in the sun with the kids sharing everything and having this quite moment in the nature was just perfect.

Near by in a water fountain we found a lady that was doing complements to Ninas beauty, so we ask her what can we do around and she point us to the cascade of xxxxx, a nice hike with kids into the mountains. Surprisly for us Marcel did almost an hour walk…without complaining! so we heard that in France some pediatrics ask the parents to stop carrying hd kid in the strollers make them walk, I never thought of the idea of it, if he is tired, is tired! so now we are understanding the whys of the method. Let them walk, is a better view to explore the world, if he is tired the he burns calories, them he sleeps even better! Lets see how this goes on…

We found around the lakes two cool kids playground, they where full of kids, Marcel nows want to climb and Nina is losing her frighten to the swings. They tend to mix themselves very easily with other kids. Something to think about when traveling with kids: a small back pack for each one so they carry their stuff also. My kids they fight to carry their backpacks. I always carry a change of close and their PJs, just in case.

After leaving Annecy, last stop…eat before heading to Geneva. We discover a Burger place call The Roster that had this amazing burgers, in Annecy le Viux. It looks like a place for locals, but Marcel and Nina loved it as we did also. We sat around to wait until the place opened and we where in a skate park, wondering maybe Marcel will be interest in this type of sport. He started to jump like all the pros around…and his sister too!

So it is true,a really beautiful city, the lake, the mountains, the old city. Lovely Annecy.