Geneve, a 200k and something city. Principal city of Swiss.

So the fine Geneve. The fourth or fifth most expensive city in the world.

It’s has a big Jet d’eau that is mostly a turist attraction. It was fun taking the kids in this tiny pasage and being close to the jet spreading water to all of its sorroundings.

Walking towards the jet we found a lot of goose an bit of an attraction to the kids, neven had seen one before, in the nature and approching to the turist watting for a bit of food.

Next to the lake there was a boat rental and we decide to try it. Really, only 15 min!

The little boat was ok, and Marcel was thrill to be the captain of the 4 person boat, but we where kind of tired after 11 mins fooling around and trying to kill a goose (jejejeje) of course you earn points by crashing into one, don’t you?

Interesting to say, we park the car and we didnt remeber where we park! we walk 2 hours trying to find the car.

This was sor of a quick stop before heading towards Vevey, where we are meeting with the Sequier-Lerin friends of ours…photos here

And them in Vevey…

25july 2015Vevey, Gruyeres.  Nestle and Le Corbusier.

Vevey, the chocolate village and Charles Chaplin final home land!

A couple of friends, good friends from the DR. Came to this city, and easy stop and must do stop. This two became very good friends of ours during time in the DR.

Vevey is landed in some first water line as we call it in the DR. Them goes up as a hill side like rise fields but fill with winery. When coming down from the hill side you cant help noticing the big Nestle modern building, since this city was founded from the Nestle corporation is not complicated to understand if you live in Vevey is because you work in Nestle or else…local joke!

The beach, as they call it, has an splendid view of the other side of the Lake Lecman. Nice walks around the lake made our day…visiting the center with some buildings from the XVII century and the market…where our plans for only two day there.

I happen to know that Le corbusier used to live here, he even made a house to his parents here its call the house Le Lac, I found better photos than mines over the net link here. Tiny little place well place in the front of the lake. We happen to be by the moment they where showing an exhibition on the approach of famous architects of how it should be renovated Le Lac, from Zaha, Rem and Moneo just to mention some. Was one interesting stop over Vevey. Nofurther to say, friends as the best stop ever to do in any city!

Gruyere. With plenty of legends like ones from Gargantuan and all. This Medieval town that honor his name over his legendary founder Guerius, Obvios the resembling with the cheese…ummmm! It is the Gruyere chess town. Small but very  protected is over a hill and cover with fortresses. Chocolate and more you find here.  A nice walk trough the villa was enough to find out its beauty.

Close to Vevey, where we stayed is a day parade visit. Arrive in 30 minutes from Vevey. A couple of local restaurant and souvenir shops cover the main plaza and the fortress on top!

In the Tour de Peliz tour with the Checo-Vasquez, So suddenly we came across Johanna and her family, a cute dominican leaving in Switzerland. With them we met the Pollitos Portuguese at Vevey and a cozy family that had found their place in a full of rules city (jejejeje, they now what I mean) but in a kid of cool style. We loved meeting them, staying at their place and even better our kids made instan connection I was amazing!

more photos here