9-11 August 2015…Marseille, France. Chez Elo, Hugo and Luca

Like some weird day that things comes out differently as you planned..Marseilles was one of this kind of story. the ones that you don’t planned and definitely couldn’t be better.

This girl called Elodie, a brilliant one happens to be a friends of Thien from long time ago, we happen to contact her and she was thrill that we where around and helped us on the way. Her kids where on vacation with dad , so Hugo and Luca, we didn’t get to meet this time.

A short but immensely interesting stay at her place and and her city, we came to realize is that Marseille is kind of cool.

Wandering around in the old city, meeting up with the nicest developed city we had seen so far in France, big buildings (like Zaha Hadid style) and a big old port restoration that really surprise us. Marcel and Nina did some enormous walking since we convince them to walk in order to get an Ice cream, of course it is time to burn some calories!

This city being the second largest one in France has it all…a beautiful port, an old Notre Dame Cathedral, The Mucem, the Calanques, the food and the Mediterranean sea.

What not to like from a city that manages to have a good weather and tapenade?

Did I mentioned, Thanks Elo for all?

a bit of what we saw here!

and here…