A good friend of mines always used to tell me she doesn’t like posting things over the net because she said people only post the pretty things and they are always happy. It is true. When I think about it, it is. Why would you post something bad or not fun at all?

Well she made me think. the darkest hour is just before the dawn, is a serie of post in her behalf. I am a free spirit, I am famous for not keeping my mouth shout and for always saying the things people doesn’t want to hear.

So this series start with the one everybody will be wandering about.

Life on the road…with Marcel and Nina.

It never sounded to me like it was going to be as easy as an ABC. I had to much to do to even think about what my journey was going to be like. My kids are very smily little people but as it turns out they are in a interesting phase between them…Mamas attention.

In the IMG_0238 is ok, but as times goes by I am only thinking is this ever going to stop! They fight, the hug, they cry out loud, they make drama scene in the middle of any road they don’t really care about me is all about them. Marcel is the master os achievement he can handle his sister very easily by pulling whatever she has in her hand as quickly as a fly…and the dram queen start the show! I have a lot of this every day…in cars, in roads, in friends houses everywhere.

Somewhere in the middle I always think is only a moment is going to be different, them bam! another horror movie start in a blink of an eye. One day we had Nina shouting like crazy in the car for exactly 20 minutes non stop…If I can have a drawing for that I’ll have a angry lady pulling her hair off (yes as simple as that). Another day Marcel just came out of the blue a push his sister away from something she felt and I picture an emergency room trip (it was nothing at the end)…They don’t have a limit to fight over something they are in a phase they don’t really care about each other they are individuals and for sure they are my only ones (in their minds).

Car fights every time we are in the car, fight over food when they are sitting together on any restaurant, tantrums because they are allow to do so, crying because I forgot it is time to dinner and we are still on the road…yes!

At the end there is always something to deal with this two. They are one of the reason we are on the road.

But believe me, there doesn’t go a day that I can’t control and think of pulling this travel thing out, but them I see them smiling (for a quite moment) and I forget all!

Is not an easy ride, Thien’s patience helps a lot. The discipline ruler ….also helps! (I’ll explain it later)