I have to say this stared years ago when we shared to move around in the DR. One day we just came to the thought that we already know the DR. From one side to the other, well is a small island 48,311sq km. but yes


we can say we have done a lot there, ask me about some place in the DR I’ll tell you my favorite restaurant and our favorite spot!

We had custom made this map, in the way is going to change , due to changes we can control like some friends know we are around and make us changes the plan to go a visit then…yes we are flexible!

As the route goes on, I’ll post every place with pictures and descriptions. This is not a place for me to post a thousand photos, we do lie to take pictures but is more about enjoying the moments with the kids. I’ll post over Instagram @laroutedoan or (@helloans) details and publish over Google photos some pictures we take, you can’t get the whole scenario in pictures in that we are clear.

Be happy to leave us a message if you what us to stop by…

we will be trill to jump in…