With the film of “La Famille Belier” I might say it was a family weekend. This film is a must watch!

In this old renovated house we stayed for one week. Charming little house with a lot space and well distributed. Thien and the girls I called it, because it was Thien, Paul and Marcel the only boys around. This villa was near all the fancy old stylish castles of France. Amazing gardens and amazing architecture over the river that cross over most of them. This village is only two hours from Paris, it means it has a lot vacation second house from the Parisians. It was quiet we had a big park next to the house that we ended fishing most of the days in it.

One of the things to do was take a whole day to the Beaval Zoo (photos), outrageous place. This Zoo was build by a Lady for her amusement in the 80’s and by time is one of the best zoo in all France. They made a bird show that it was amazing. They have white lions and white tigers, for me was crazy to see the chimpanzee. Caged and looking around like what the heck is almost every day they get to be visited by more than a 10k people, I once thought maybe It will be a good idea to put the lady that created the zoo in one cage for a day and let people see her….that could be fun!!!

Well it wasn’t that bad. The thing is for me is not a fun thing to do, go watch animals caged and feed , is not my style. But them kids love it. Nina was crazy with the penguins and with the brown big bear. It was a fun day at the zoo. We manage to do it in just one day, exhausted obvios but happy to enjoy this day with the kids.

A week of “no road” is fine…and after all we had made until this day is the best!

Home dinner, family movie time, fishing with the kids…we are recharged!

until the north road…

photos here