this is the island long time ago...
this is the island long time ago…

l’ile au Moines, Bretagne  map here

Famille Doan numero 2. Lam, Alice Simon and Basil Doan

After riding most of the south of France going up was next. A nice stop in Sebastian house in Angers a nice BBQ in his garden was the cutest detail ever. Hi made us stop there on our way (it was really on our way) and made us feel like it was yesterday we met him.

This little island in the golfo de Morbihan as a part of Bretagne and with as little as 600 hundred people living in was our next stop. We rented a villa rented for a week. With Thien’s Brother Lam his wife Alice and the kiddos Simon and Basil.

Not so sunny but quite place to be, it looks like is a second house place to be. A lot of people from Paris have a house here for vacationing.

Is like hill side island from one side you are next to the see and from the other side you are  up in a Hill. With houses very typical from the area, pretty painted blue windows and small gardens in the front porch.

This week was kind of a retreat and a meet your cousins weekend. The kids manage to undesnartd each other and we to explain the situation…you all have the same last name…DOAN. Simon and Nina did some good understanding and Marcel and Basil hit it as good pals.

Days with rain=go out either way! This was the mojo, because yes is either you stay at home with an ipad and kid fishing over a toy or go out. Some walking in the woods under the rain did some good, my kids got to finally use some rain boot for the first time…the sandal do just right in the caribbean. Some bike and kite riding where also in the rain menu…with a lot of wind!

Lam had his best friends in a villa just 300 mts from ours so we did some grown up days off. Dinners, walks, coffee, biking and definitely the only day we got lucky enough to have a sunny day was the day before leaving, but it was just perfect. Marcel and Nina did some shrimp chasing over the sea and it was fun, after we ate them there wasn’t so much.

In The island of the Monks you can find a lot of clams, fresh fish, shrimps and a lot of Bretagne friendly people!

Do not missed doing some bike, I didn’t mentioned but in this island the only way to move around is by bike or walking…that was something special!!!

And of course some jogging over the trail path they have marked all over the island…cool!

until some other sunny day at the beach…l’Ie aux Moines!!!

photos here

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