Is not about the sausage and beer!

The past had hit hard on Germany with this thing about the Nazis. Being that said, no more to say about sad stories. Germany is amazing!

Beautiful country, beautiful landscapes is much more of than I could had seen. Our road began in the south, on our way from France to the black forest. This forest is the kind of forest you imagine in movies, tall pine trees, long roads, extensives green esplanades and houses like in Heidi (kids cartoons it is truth) The forest we just past by, it is a tunnel of nature and wonder…

As we pass the forest, the next stop was the castles. The one you can find in the books with Chevaliers and Queens and Kings. Up in a mountain, you can see it before arriving, for me it was more stunning seeing it former than for close, and it it beautiful. But the whole scenario nature, rocks, land, green from far is just something else. It s worth going up!

Next stop was the capital of the beer, Munich. we arrive 5 days before the Okctoberfest. Sadly, since we where not there for that big event, we left right before. Not regrets going trought this city. we stayed in a camping site 5 kms from the center of Munich. we did the bike in and out Munich, we coverd most of the center some 40 kms of bike just in the city.

Only a day, it wasn’t enough but we where pleased with what we saw. Definitely a come back is on the list!

Next we move towards the center direction Berlin but with a twist.

Nurberg and Playmobil fun park and Dessau(Bauhaus City)

Me being an architect, I was on the search of this so call German architecture scene. I had a crush with this modern movement that came from this country, this movement that change the way of building things after wars. Bauhaus. things as I recall I only had seen in books, like te Mona lisa in Paris. I have no word to explain what I had felt doing this stops in our way to the North. Maybe some other Architect will understand. So far, so good!

German architecture: the modern and the Germanic one, something else. They have talent, they have something built-in in their head definitely. Even the most simplest building had something to say. Details, colors, textures, skins, materials all! Is could be a mixture in between their coldness and their way to express themselves outbound, I don’t know!

And Berlin did it all. The past and the future in one city. Nothing to say about this city.

Is no surprise thathis city is a walking Museum, monuments everywhere, and I mean monuments. Art, Architecture, History, Drama, Coldness, Hippiness and Sadness. Is a city to live, that lives, that follows a flows of things that cannot be explain, so much happen here that there so much to be told.

Red brick and concrete, glass and love…the Berlin we saw!

After this short visit in Berlin, the road must go on…to Lubeck.

Lübeck because its red brick architecture is declare  by the Unesco world heritage site. Red brick everywhere, gothic, medieval and modern. This has to be the city of Pinocchio and all this kids stories about castles, islands and witches. It is a charming city with a peatonal streets that covers most of the center from one side to the other. We had the chance of some rain in our walk but still since is so beautiful, kids did care and neither did us.

Marcel did learn who to greet in German and because of his hair we was definitely a sensation out there. Nina did some big walking following brother.

At the end they learn about forest, wild animals, castles, warriors, big lakes, architecture, caves, parks, rain, birds, maps, goats, cows, sheep and most of all that we live in a camping car and that Nina is soon to be 2!

Here the Photos from my Iphone 6, from Thien’s mobil here

Here the map of what we cover in the way up!

going up…