The Thailand trip. Quite an adventure. We did a thousand miles of roads, trains, elephants and boats we did it all

Thailand is a country full of surprises, is colorful and the art of eating out is something to try every day.

Kids land of love, everybody loves kids even if they don’t like you(do not happen a lot) they will love your kids give then candies and hug with the simplest smile.

Our trip started with 10 days in Bangkok. Is a big city and full of things to do. We stayed in Yan Nawa area in an AirBnb apartment. It was well situated since Bangkok is so big we pick up this location since a french friend lived close. 10 days is a big time to spend in Bangkok but really is never enough to a city that held more than 14 million habitants, so you can imagine too many places to see, too much to enjoy.

It is true that since a capital and a major develop the city in Asia you can get overwhelm here, skyscrapers everywhere, crazy traffic, pollution and all that comes with big cities.

I came out with the list of things we did there, some we like more and one not but at the end, the best always comes to food and the people!

  1. Jim Thompson House. A beauty
  2. Sea life Bangkok Ocean World
  3. Cruise over the Mekong
  4. Temple of the dawn
  5. Reclining Buddha Temple. Wat Pho
  6. Wat Phra Mahathat temples
  7. Emerald Buddha Temple
  8. Lumpini Park
  9. Chatnuchat weekend market
  10. Ayutthaya

No need to say we ate out every day, street food at its best, massages almost every day,  some bars and we did get lost walking in the streets of the city of angels Bangkok!

The picture here they might say more than I can.

as from Thien eyes pics,

as Francoise’s eyes and

as my eyes pics

And after this days in Bangkok had to keep moving so we headed to the North; to Chiang Mai, New city as its names mean… is the big opposite of Bangkok. It was our first train trip to do here and it was a night train and we celebrate Marcel 4th birthday on the road. I could never imagine spending the best birthday ever on a train with my little boy, that suddenly loves Pad thai and sticky rice, that suddenly bows to the Buddhas everywhere and to people since they greet lie that, this little one manage to say a couple of words in Thai…what a wonderful 4 years of life way of partying better than this!

And so on …Chiang Mai is more kind of human city. Its historic city is protected  by big beautiful brick walls and the beauty of the temples we saw, were indescribable.

Also as a family trip, obvious! we did the elephant camps. Is hard to say wich is more elephant-friendly from the other is just a very tourist thing to do, kids do love the rides and the whole scenario but we were more like in a circus. Not to criticize, but Thailand is a tourist country, we did look up to find more down to earth adventures but there was all cover by the tourist label (sure you’ll find plenty of things to do more relaxing) .

Beautiful landscapes as we move from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai…

Chiang Rai and its beautiful white Wat Rong Khun, the night market and the famous golden triangle. From here the next adventure…Laos.

next, post to come

enjoy pics here