As we move towards the north of the Indochina triangle…we arrive in a 2-day slow boat trip…each day some 6 to 12 hours ride over the Mekong. Amazing place to meet people from all over the world, people you will see during your whole trip over this routes. People like you amaze and wandering around the world, the people that have a lot of tales to tell, people like you and me with kids that manage to do this trip just looking over the wildlife around, looking just like you thinking how small little parts we are in this world, people just like you a little lost in translation and with no information what so ever when is this going to end. us, we had not much information about this trip, good or not its a bit risky to people not as easy going as us because there is a lot of misinformation about times and places, guesthouse and your place in the boat. We did had some not so comfortable moments during this trip but is not enough to say that it was bad.

Definitely, a must do if you want to change little by little from coming from Bangkok. Is speechless, is quiet, is full of life, is a long-lasting memory of a river and its habitats. A river that nourishes 6 countries, a River that is the reason to live here, a River as dangerous as it could be…a wild river like we all.

from the Himalaya to the China meridional Sea is the 8th largest river on planet earth. Can you even imagine the weird sensation of being in a different country, where no on understand you, where a River can be a mysterious as the dawn… my Respects Mekong!

All this to say how wild and rebel is Laos, is a country