So we crash at her place, it was like an invasion. The leader was already there and ready to take over. Yes we did it, we arrive at Diana’s house of fun. The plan was work on the computer a couple of days to find the van and so but it turns out we where always involve in a kind of party situation coronas everyday. We arrive with 2 kids and a lot of thing to leave behind is my sisters place cozy house in the south of Florida full of love. It felt like a kindergarten with 5 kids everyday fighting, yelling, hitting, bitting, crashing into each other and so…but is ok is like a kindergarten but at home her kids mines .In between having a Jartura de Congri and not having a bit of swept in the sunshine state in the middle of the summer then is the pool and the coronas in the beautiful garden. What can I say. The had a good time with the Nuñez Maldonado, kids did what kids always do but they know they are family…and yes my sister is my sister. This is family, this is the beginning and the end as the same time. This is what will become having to leave all behind and at the same time knowing there will always be a safe landing over someone you care.

Taking advantage of the Kindergarten (with Mama Hortensia in the picture) we decided to scape from the nursery a couple of days to have free time and when to crash into some one we care a lot. Weird thinking out going into a city known only for it themes parks but the Orlando Ross and Rics shown us is something else from a creative taco with a weird name shop to a nap in a deck out in a lake from a walk in the lake to swim with Manatee. From a Fantastic mOvie theater to the last glass in a Shoe repair bar ….we will remember all.

Driving back and stopping by in Tampa for a beer and a hello at Carolines and her beautiful family. To having and awesome last couple of days in my sisters we are always be reminded that life is the people around the destinations not the destination itself. I could have a thousand pictures over the coolest monuments in every city but definitely the picture gets even better when there are people you care around and the city becomes alive in your memory you will associate the city with this person and the memory will last longer.

And yes is always about the Coronas, Ribs and pool if not ask Yampier jejejejeje.

Until next.