Into the Americas

Today as we finally got enthusiastic about the idea of buying a school bus and converted into out home for a year I got this weird feeling that I was missing out putting info about what was going on.

Las Americas, is a road trip from USA to Argentina, what people call La Ruta Panamericana. this is a road that cover most of the americas country from north to south or vice versa. A roughly 30k kms of road. Yes, were are doing it.

Beginning in Miami, to pay a visit to my sister and her family and into stopping everywhere we want…as feel like it!

Now we are (Thien and I ) in Hudson, Flo. We came to see a couple of van before deciding to buy the one that is calling us in Vermont. We are still searching and a lot of dots are emerging about it. It will be our home for a year…not an easy decision.  In between a School bus transform into a van that the previous owner a university teacher. So we will see… until next.




  1. Are you going with your kids? What about their education in this period of time, how are you handling it in the case your answer is yes. I’m a Thien’s friend, nice to see you guys doing that incredible trip!


    • Hi Felix! Nina will have 3 years old and Marcel 5 this year! It is their last year of no mandatory class! We think they are learning a lot spending that much time with us, and the people we meet along the road. In education, nobody have the secret formula, but we are quiet happy to give them the opportunity to see, hear, taste, smell and touch the World! For the more theorical learning, we spend time with them, a paper and a pen… Marcel knows a lot of writing for is age 😉


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