Today as we finally got enthusiastic about the idea of buying a school bus and converted into out home for a year I got this weird feeling that I was missing out putting info about what was going on.

Las Americas, is a road trip from USA to Argentina, what people call La Ruta Panamericana. this is a road that cover most of the americas country from north to south or vice versa. A roughly 30k kms of road. Yes, were are doing it.

Beginning in Miami, to pay a visit to my sister and her family and into stopping everywhere we want…as feel like it!

Now we are (Thien and I ) in Hudson, Flo. We came to see a couple of van before deciding to buy the one that is calling us in Vermont. We are still searching and a lot of dots are emerging about it. It will be our home for a year…not an easy decision.  In between a School bus transform into a van that the previous owner a university teacher. So we will see… until next.