We made it to Canada. We where close enough to jump in. Starting rom Montreal where we happen to met with Dan Lupo. It changes everything, geez is so true the cities are made by the people, as soon as we step together everything change he took the time to explain this beautiful city to us…breeze Montreal. at the end we where sorry we did decided to spend more time with him. I do feel disappointed. Don’t know if next time will show any time soon, but sure we remember Montreal as Dan’s place!

Continuing our way to get more out of this last minute change of plans…heading to OTAWA. A slight 2 hours and something from Montreal. Arriving after a typical 2h Nina’s Nap, being this the rule already…we park net to the Children Museum and decided to spend a couple of hours in the kids business until our date with Thien friends from college Colin’s, Melanie, Lea and Kazabazua happy cute family living in the middle of cute city. We exchange a good late dinner and some beers and a lot of memories from the past. Other to find that somebody broke into our van and stole my purse (in their garage). Ah not forgetting the parking ticket we had Ottawa let a good impression in us. A bit of a runner up city beginning to be something big. A lot of bike cycles, nice places to eat a croissant or to buy a hand made soap. Surprising little city.

In our search for one natures gift to human being , Niagara Falls, we cross over Toronto. this multicultural city has a special glow. Big and loud. modern and classy. With its modern architectural beasts and its old brick industrial buildings has a lot to offer. A quick stop to say hi to this dominican girl I met years ago she was little (still) but with an amazing heart. Some dominican style conversations got us going and we didn’t stop until it was really late…I felt I was in the DR!

And finally we did it! we arrive to you. Niagara your are quite an enormous girl. full with people of all over places. A lot of accents, languages, faces, etc. This is it. A tourist final destination toward humanity, selfies and landscape. No words to explain what is all about the falls. weird sensation of emptiness but as the same time the sensation of not being no-one in this world.

That was fast…some 6 days or so to cover from Montreal to Niagara Falls. But don’t stop here. A line to get out of Canada and enter again the US soil. Some more hours to get at midnight to my uncle’s place in Cleveland. A cozy suburb house that look just like the movies. So cozy we almost stayed there more than planned. My favorite Uncle, my father older brother and a mentor to me. we lasted a couple of days there doing some remodeling to our Rex and prepared ourself to another adventure.

This is us. a lot of detail not written. a lot of memorable moments in this route that they cant be describe. literally no words to explain how emotionally hard is to say goodbye to all this people we have come to. we entered their lives, their routines. We copied, we learn. at the end is part of the deal. hope we do encourage some, sure they do to us.

This is the route, this is our route. la route doan /americas/2016