Leaving Cleveland was hard. My uncle Gil and aunt Angela where so loving that…it was really hard to leave. Feeling home away from home is sweet but when you found family that is really family the feeling multiplies by hundreds.

After a couple of days of peace and comfort had to take the kids to a special place…a museum! We found out that the one in Indianapolis, Indian was worth it, and it was! Is big and well done a lot to do but 2h is a lot in this place kids everywhere yelling and crying no to leave including mines jejejejeje…ate the end we thought we could stay a few days here but….naaaa we took a good burger place to eat and left.

Driving the Interstate 70 south towards St Louis, Missuri, looking for that famous BBQ ribs everybody talks about and Poppy, we found it. The 50 minutes wait and the final answer …they are good!  less to say after it we had to do some bike they where amazing.

Biking to kill the BBQs calories and out of nowhere we found this cute museum call city museum in St. louis. In an old building they had recollected pieces from old buildings that had been demolished and this museum is worth a visit. Is expensive 18Ssd per person and Nina got in free. It has pieces from Louis Sullivan building that was demolish. And in my point of view it was definitely a group of very creative people that design the interiors the kids go crazy happy here…even me I was astonish with so many cool thing to do. Also the Commemorative Arch is the biggest arch made in Inox ever. The park is being remodel but the views from there are quite nice. Biking out more the city garden is a must do is a nice place to watch the kids get wet and paused.

All that in a 24h or so and it was enough also for this city we rode the city centre and we where ok with the time we spend. On the way out we happen to when through an Ikea store and we stopped for a couple of hours to finally buy our mattress, happy customer we are! now we upgrade it to a more comfortable queen bed for two…yeah!!!!

Maybe it sounds crazy but i am starting to feel that you are reading and telling yourself we are doing this way to fast how come we can do cities in one day? well easy. We look in trip advisor things to do in this city, it gives us an idea of the most interesting thing to do around and most of them you cant do it in a day so we take parks, monuments and historical sites that can be visited in bikes because we, with 2 kids, not to free to move and walk a lot. Is already hard to make then walk so no museums, no walkways and no big distances that are not playgrounds so we the parents are happy and they are happy kids! thats how we do it.

At the end of the day, a nice ride in the car and the kids go to sleep. Our next destination KC. Happens that KC is 3h40 from St louis. At night is easy to get tired so we made our first stop in what it became our best spot ever…a Walmart parking lot. Yes the big store, thats right. they let you sleep over night in their parking lot. We arrive at 11pm so a nice sleep until KC.Misuri.

Google map “ National World War I Museum” we got there with the sunny side up. Hot and dry. Green landscape and a beautiful esplanade monument. Me myself not a fan of this type of things but the view of Kansas is something else, is worth visiting. That day we got lucky Thien decide to play in a poker tournament so we slept in a Hotel!!!!! total luxury, a bath, gym, big bed and a view…he won something so enjoy it even more, is all about the little things. In Kc we did some bike also.

“keep driving baby…the road will never end”… me to Thien.

Heading in one direction, West!

As we drive we stop in places we do not plan to stop…first like this one. We stopped in the middle of nowhere Soda Shop call Grandmas in Wilson KS. weird to say but it felt  like I was transported in time. Real vintage Soda Shop with really good pizza and the place we slept, the Wilson State Park. This park has a camp ground. We arrive like at 10pm, but when we woke up we found the most amazing view anyone can wish to wake up in. Simple, we park next to a lake but like 5 stories levels and we did not notice. So the views where to say: “this is why I love to travel” you never know what you will see and kept in your memories.

Eating  in the road is hard, and is harder when you only find Mc., KFC, BK and sooooo. Lucky our generation have internet to skip all of this chain food. Yelp and Foursquare helped us all along the way to avoid this things. All this to say that we found this Meat place …like the post name “in the middle of nowhere” call JB meat market. In the same route we are driving west on the way to Denver. The best Burger so far we had ate. No more to say. his place has a Mc next door and his burgers are the double size of the competition and he prepares his own meat…for the same price(the batata fries are to die for).

I think is enough to be said in this post. I could write more, but at the end who reads? I do it for the pleasure of writing this so I could never forget…but really who cares.

photos here

until next,


PD. In this road we made 788 miles and 11h45m driving From Cleveland to Denver 🙂 and still for more…