11-13 Arles, Romain, Hugo, Luca.

Sometimes the best things are not plan at all, and coming from Marseille this one came the same way, not planned but amazing time.

Arles is something, we read a bit but where not sure if we where going to go, suddenly everything came in place and we stayed at Romain’s, place. A friend of thine from college. He is quite a caretaker very bright and happy guy, he made us feel bad about almost not passing by.

A day in Arles is plentuy just to wonder around. Is a nice city, quite in winter exciting and vibrant in summer as we where told. We spend or time just walking and crashing even more into peoples places, this time we when to Jute a store owned by the sister of a spans friend that lives in the DR Helena and her husband Ian. As surprised as us that we did came across to find their cute shop in central Arles…It was a like two dominican findend themself in the middle of nowhere…we had quite an interesting time, we where indeed told to louder down our dominican tone (jejejeje)….as we continued our walks, she recommend the mediateque, secret place to crash read a bit with the kids and dad to take a Nap.

An ice cream could bent be as good as this one we try at a place in front of the Place de La republic  the lavender one with fleur de sel to die for!!!

If you continued walking you could not help to come across pictures everywhere, since it was the Photo Festival at the time, such an art display in the city. But if you follow the road just until arriving to this old Roman amphitheater or even better the Arena….is just speechless.  This was our walk around Arles in one…

and back at Romain place, a very welcoming friend he let us stay in his studio that he rents, perfect for a good night rest and nevertheless to say his attentions where A+

At this time I can only hear Marcel asking me for parents that have kids and even better conversations like why he has this big hair on his face!

Thanks Roman, Hugo and Luca for the great time!

here some pics

and more here